Tournaments are run on a daily basis, each accompanied with it’s own leaderboards and prizes!

Finding and Entering a Tournament:

From the homepage, you’ll see banners (at the top) promoting the current tournaments.  Click a banner to view tournament details (available prizes, etc), accept the terms, and enter your email address (so that we can contact the prize winners).  If you’re eligible to participate, you’ll see an “Enter Tournament” button.  Click that and you’ll be on your way!  Your tournament entry ends as soon as you pass ALL levels or fail a level.

Tournament eligibility

Eligibility varies with each Tournament. You can easily see if you are eligible by going to the Tournament Details page (from the homepage banner).  When attempting to enter, you will be shown whether or not your are eligible to participate.

How to win a Tournament?

All players will be judged based on their highest tournament entry (if you enter the tournament five days in a row, we’ll take your highest score of the five).  The player with the highest score wins the tournament. You can view your tournament entry results and current rank at anytime by going to the Tournament Leaderboard.

How do I pass a Tournament Level?

Each level of a Tournament will have specific pass/fail guidelines (example:  You must answer at least 3 of the 5 questions correctly in order to pass).  You find this specific information before each level of the Tournament.

Why aren’t all the categories showing up in the Tournaments?

Tournament categories are limited and will depend on the specific Tournament.  Some tournaments will allow users to play the same category more than once and some will not.  Similarly, some tournaments will allow you to choose your category for each level, while others will pre-assign a specific category for each level of the tournament.

What can I win by entering a Tournament?

Tournament prizes vary by Tournament.  You can find this specific information on the Tournament Info Page, which you’ll see before beginning a Tournament.  Note that there is often more than just one prize, so you don’t need to win in order to reap the rewards!

In tournament game play, users are invited to participate in a skill-based tournament, in which they will answer a series of trivia questions (divided into levels and categories, which are fully configurable via CMS), and scored based on a combination of speed, accuracy and difficulty-level.